Package Group N


Package Group [N]
dhcpcd = DHCP client daemon
ethtool = A tool for configuring Ethernet devices
gnupg = GNU Privacy Guard public key encryption
inetd = Internet super server daemon
iproute2 = Kernel routing and traffic control
iptables = Firewall configuration utility
iptraf = Networf monitoring program
iputils = Some common network tools
lftp = Shell-like FTP and HTTP transfer program
libgcrypt = Gneral purpose crypto library
libgpg-error = GnuGP Error Definitions Library
mtr = Network diagnosic tool
nc = Netcat network utility
net-tools = Utilities required for networking on Linux
netwatch = Another network monitoring program
network-scripts = Scripts required for networking on Slackware
nmap = Network scanning utility
ntp = Network Time Protocol
openssh = OpenSSH Secure Shell
openssl = OpenSSL Secure Sockets Layer toolkit
tcp_wrappers = A daemon and wrapper to increase security
telnet = The telnet client and telnetd daemon
traceroute = Packet tracing utility
wget = WWW/FTP retrieval tool
whois = Enhanced whois client

Package Group [N] Optional
autofs = Linux automounter
bind = Berkeley Internet Name Domain server
bluez-firware Firmware for Bluetooth(TM) devices
bluez-hcidump = Bluetooth(TM) network analyzer
bluez-libs = Libraries to support Bluetooth(TM)
bluez-utils = Utilities for Bluetooth(TM)
bridge-utils = Tools for setting up Ethernet bridges
dhcp = DHCP server (and client) utilities
dnsmasq = Small DNS/DHCP server for a LAN
epic4 = EPIC4 internet Relay Chat (IRC) client
gnupg2 = GNU Privacy Guard version 2.x
procmail = Mail delivery/filtering utility
httpd = Apache WWW (HTTP) server
imapd = ipop3d/imapd remote mail access daemons
links = Is a console mode WWW broser
mcabber = Jabber messagin client for the console
nfs-utils = Network File System daemons
popa3d = Post Office Protocol v. 3 (POP3) server
proftpd = The Professional FTP (file transfer) daemon
rsync = Enhanced replacement for rcp
samba = SMB print/file server for Windows LANs
sendmail = The sendmail mail transport agent
sendmail-cf = Extra configuration files for sendmail
stunnel = Universal SSL tunnel
tcpdump = Tool for dumping network packets
vsftpd = The Very Secure FTP (file transfer) daemon
wireless-tools = Tools for wireless networking
wpa_supplicant = WPA/WPA2/IEEE 802.1X (wireless) Supplicant

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