Package Group L


Package Group [L]

db42 = Berkeley DB library, version 4.2
db44 = Berkeley DB library, version 4.4
gdbm = The GNU gdbm database library
glibc = The GNU C library
glibc-i18n Internationalization support for glibc
liboil = CPU optimizations library
libusb = A library for accessing USB devices
lzo = Fast data compression library
mpfr = Multiple-Precision Floating-Point Reliable Library
ncurses = CRT screen handling package
parted = GNU parted, a partition manipulation program
pcre = Perl-compatible regular expression library
popt = Command line parsing library
readline = Input library with editing
zlib = General purpose data compression library

Package Group [L] Optional

alsa-lib = ALSA sound library
boost = Boost C++ Libraries
dbus-glib = glib bindings for the dbus IPC library
freetype = Font rendering library
fuse = Tools for using filesystems in userspace
gamin = A minimalist FAM replacement
gd = A graphics library
hal = The HAL Hardware Abstraction Layer
hal-info= Hardware device info for HAL
startup-notification = Adds support for applications to use busy cursos while starting up.
strigi = Fast and light desktop search engine

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