Package Group KDE


Package Group [KDE]

kdeaccessibility = KDE accessibility programs, kmag, kmousetool, etc.
kdeadmin = KDE system administration tools
kdebase = Is the second mandatory package for the KDE
kdebase-runtime = Contains core components of the KDE base runtime module.
kdebase-workspace = Consists of what is essentially the KDE workspace presented to the user.
kdegraphics = Graphics programs for KDE, gwenview, kcolorchooser, kolourpaint, etc.
kdelibs = System libraries and other resources required by KDE
kdemultimedia Multimedia applications for KDE
kdenetwork = Network related utilities for the K Desktop Environment
kdeplasma-addons = Plasmoids (or widgets) for the KDE 4 Plasma desktop shell.
kdeutils = Include various utilities for KDE such as ark, kcalc, ktimer, kdf, etc.
konq-plugins = Plugins that interact with Konqueror, babelfish, sbmmounter, sidebar, etc.

Package Group [KDE] Optional

kdepim = Personal information management, Mail clients, addressbooks, sticky notes, etc.
kdepimlibs = Libraries to development and execution of a KDE-PIM application.
amarok = Music player
guidance-power-manager = Frontend to HAL's power features for KDE.
k3b = K3b makes writing cd's under Linux easy.
kdeartwork = Additional themes, screensavers, sounds, wallpapers.
koffice = Office productivity applications
Ktorrent = BitTorrent program for KDE
skanlite = Is a light-weight scanning application

Package Group [KDE] Optional II

kaudiocreator = Frontend for ripping and encoding audio.
kdebindings = Including scripting languages and other systems programming languages.
kdegames = A collection of games for the K Desktop Environment
kdesdk = Collection of applications and tools used by KDE developers.
kdetoys = Some toys for use with KDE such as amor, kteatime, ktux, kweatherservice
kdevelop = Integrated C/C++ application developmet environment
kdevplatform = This module provides libraries used by kdevelop
kdewebdev = Contains Quanta Plus and other applications for web development
mplayerthumbs = It uses MPlayer to create thumbnails for all supported media types

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