Package Group AP


Package Group [AP]


at = Schedule commands to execute at a later time
cdrdao = Tool for burning audio CDRs
cdrtools = CD-R/RW mastering/burning tools
diffutils = GNU diffutils - find file differences
dmapi = Data Management API Library for xfsdump
dmidecode = DMI table decoder (display hardware info)
dvd+rw-tools = DVD+/-R/RW mastering/burning tools
groff = GNU groff document formatting system
lm_sensors = Hardware monitoring package
lsof = A tool to list open files
lsscsi = Display information about SCSI devices
man = Primary tool for reading online documentation
man-pages = Online documentation (requires groff)
mc = The Midnight Commander file manager
most = A pager, like 'more' or 'less'
nano = A simple editor with the look and feel of
screen = ANSI/vt100 virtual terminal emulator
slackpkg = Slackware package updating tool
sudo = Allow special users limited root access
sysstat = System performance monitoring tools
texinfo = GNU texinfo documentation system
vim = Improved vi clone

Package Group [AP] Optional


alsa-utils = ALSA sound utilities
aumix = Audio mixer for the console or X
dc3dd = Enhanced dd for computer forensics
flac = Free Lossless Audio Codec
ghostscript = GPL Ghostscript PS/PDF interpreter
ghostscript-font-std = Ghostscript Type1 fonts
gphoto2 = A command-line camera client for libgphoto
hplip = HP printing and scanning software
madplay = MPEG audio player
mpg321 = A command-line MP3 player
mysql = MySQL database server
ntfsprogs = Utilities for the NTFS filesystem
pm-utils = Power Management utilities
rpm = RPM package tool (unsupported)
sox = Sound utilities
sqlite = A small SQL database server and library
vorbis-tools = Ogg Vorbis encoder, player, and utilities
xfsdump = Backup/restore tools for the XFS filesystem

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